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Dinsoft in 2020


Dinsoft has now almost 1200 inhabitants.
Not so bad, if you still remember that when were built our first office, there were only 54 people living there.
Very soon there will be a new invention: Maglev. This is a new type of super high-speed train, where the train has no physical contact with the rails. Zero friction!
The slowest models are already over 400 km/h. It can take some time before they are in production, we will see.

Hunley Market Transport starts construction near Hunley Market

New Company

There are pessimists and optimists. One of these optimists starts a new company.
If they start with vehicles then they can survive a few years, if they go to make railroads; they will never come alive.
We will watch them to see what they go to do.

First subsidy offer for 2020


We got a message about an interesting subsidy. Starfingfield has not such a very good passenger transport, so this is a good opportunity to make one. The railroad runs a bit complicated and we have to build two new stations, but at August 31, we got the subsidy.

UFO's makes me crazy


September 27 we got the first UFO message of this year. the problem is that we don't get a message when it is destroyed. In that case we end up with damaged rails and a money losing train.

Financial overview 2020


Not so many special things in 2020. The new company stopped already its activities. Several other companies in trouble. We did get a subsidy and we had once more an UFO. We replaced some old trains. Now we go to wait for some new inventions.

First MagLev locomotive - Leviathan

The Leviathan

March 1. The special day is there. We got a message about a new rail system: MAGLEV.
The speed of the new locomotive is 402 km/h. But it cannot run on the existing monorails, we have replaced all rails by the new Maglev rails.

Our new Maglev construction box.

Our new Maglev construction box.

Farm with a very high production

Maglev start

We will start with the wheat and live stock transport from Frondhead Farm and from Dinfingway Farm to Slarfingfield Food Processing Plant. Both farms have a very high production and only half of the products are transported.
Even the Food Processing Plant has such a high production that only 60% of the food is transported. Here is some good work to do.

Our first Maglev Trainpassenger train between Senfingley and Slunningpool

Our Work

  • June 16 the first two Maglev trains are running.
  • August 25 we have also a new passenger train between Senfingley Woods and Slunningpool
  • October 4 passenger and food train from Slarfingfield Woods and Senfingley
  • December 16 passenger train between Senfingley and Slunningpool
  • December 31 new food train between Slarfingfield Woods and Senfingley
Financial report of 2021


Last year we replaced 6 monorail trains by the new Maglev models. We have still 71 more trains to do and to change all the rails.
It's good that we have a good income now, more then 70 million dollars.

Hard work

Replacing the old Monorail by the new Maglev is a lot of work; first the old stations and rails has to be removed and then the build the new ones. Also a station has to be replaced as one part, half Monorail and half Maglev is impossible. Sometimes in a village with a station, the rating can be so bad that it is not allowed to build a new station. Then you have to wait a few years till they find you again a good company.


  • June 5 two new trains for wheat and live stock from Frondhead Woods to Tindhall Woods.
  • September 6 new train between Tindhall and Carfingley
  • November 2 new food train from Tindhall Woods to Carfingley
  • December 19 new train between Tindhall and Tronbridge
Company Information


Our income is getting lower. This is mainly because there are several trains sent to the depot to replace the rails and the trains. One train less can give one million dollar lower earning. So we have to replace all trains as quick as possible.

What we did

  • February 3, new train between Brubourne and Tindhall Woods.
  • March 16, new train between Bufinghill City and Tedingville.
  • July 14, new wood train from Tenington Woods to Sentwood Woods.
  • November 15, new paper train from Sentwood Woods to New Pronfingley Central
Damaged rails caused by UFO destroying

Missed UFO message

On September 5 we missed an UFO message. The UFO was destroyed including the rails.
This caused a much lower wheat and live stock transport to Slarfingfield Food Factory. Sometimes such a message comes just s fraction of a second before the delete button is pressed to cleand up all the messages from the screen and then we don't see it...

Company Information


It looks that we are only selling our trains; we now have several trains less than the year before. Most of these trains were old and need urgent to be replaced. Since this cost money and time, we just sell them and we wait until the can be replaced by Maglev trains. That's again our job for this year.

Our Work

  • January 19, new train between Dinsoft and Gadtown
  • February 7, new train between Gadtown and Wrefingbourne
  • March 18, new train between Dinsoft and Lendhead
  • April 17, new train between Dinsoft and Chanville
  • June 20, new goods train from New Pronfingley Central to Dinsoft
New Coal Mine under Construction

New Coal Mine

July 15 we got a message about a new coal mine. With these coal mines we can make good business. Coal transport brings up a lot of money and the Fennville Power Station is not so far.

More Work

  • August 2, new train between Dinsoft Woods and Lendhead Central
  • September 15, new train between Frondhead and Dinsoft Woods
  • November 5, new train between Overingway and Lendhead Central
  • November 21 we sold an old road vehicle, bus 21: We will not replace it.
  • December 25, new coal train from Overingway Mines to Lendhead Woods
Financial Overview 2024


Our train income seems to remain at the same level; we have already for a few years 72 million dollar. The net income is much lower; we invested 44 million dollar in new trains: double then the year before. There are still plenty of old trains to be replaced.

A lot of Work

  • January 15, new train between Overingway Mines and Pennville North
  • February 12, new train between Brubourne and Carfingley South
  • April 28, new Wheat train from Wrunthill City South to Tindhall Woods
  • April 28, new Live Stock train from Wrunthill City South to Tindhall Woods
  • July 19, new train between Carfingley South and Condinghall
  • August 21, new train between Brubourne Central and Condinghall
  • September 10, additional food train from Tindhall Woods to Carfingley
  • October 8, new train between Wrunthill City and Tedingville
  • November 17, new train between Paninghall and Tedingville Central
  • November 22, one extra train for wheat and live stock from Frondhead Woods to Tindhall Woods.
Four Grain Hoppers and four Live Stock Vans

Four Grain Hoppers and four Live Stock Vans

The extra train for wheat and live stock service with four Grain Hoppers and four Live Stock Vans

Paper Mill closes down

Many old Trains

In the mean time we got several messages about old trains and old buses. All old trains were sent to their depot and not yet replaced. The buses were all replaced. The last message was about Frondhead Paper Mill close down. "Supply problems" means that no one transports wood to this paper mill.

Financial Overview 2025


We have to continue with replacing the old monorail trains by the new Maglev models. At this moment we are about half way, still a few years to go before we are finished.
The train income was a bit higher then the year before.

New coal train

New Coal Train

February 12, new coal train from Betown South to Fennville Transfer. This is not a replacement, but a complete new service.

Rail construction error

More Work

  • April 28, new coal train from Hunningwell Mines to Gefingway Woods
  • May 29, new coal train from Gefingway Woods to Fennville Transfer
  • July 31, new train between Gefingway and Tendtown
Car crash


July 30, our competitor, Hunley Market Transport had a bad day: one more of his vehicles collides with our train. They have now only one Armored Truck left.

Wheat subsidy offer

Interesting Offer

On August 1 we got an interesting offer for a wheat subsidy from Wrefingbourne Farm to Frondhead Food Processing Plant. Not only the transport distance is good, but also the production, 180 tons, so, let's do the job.

  • August 23, new train between New Pindhead and tennpool
Special tunnel

New Wheat Ttrain

October 2, the new wheat train is in operation. We had to make a special tunnel to reach the food factory. Without this tunnel it would be very complicated. When the first train arrives, it earns 184 thousand dollar. Not to bad. Now we have also to setup a live stock train and the food transport train. November 23, the live stock train starts loading at Wrefingbourne.

Financial overview 2026


Our earnings are going upwards. We have now 70 trains, about 45 new Maglev trains and 25 old monorail trains. Furthermore we have 9 road vehicles and one aircraft.
This new year we have to continue with replacing monorail with Maglev.

What we did

  • January 10, the new food train goes from Frondhead East to Pennville North
  • January 15, UFO lands near Overingway.
  • April 1, new train between Hunningwell and Gefingway
  • May 6, new train between Sentwood and Hunningwell
  • May 21, new train between Ledinghattan and Grenhattan Springs
  • July 1, new train between Sentwood and Ledinghattan
  • August 19, new wheat and live stock trains from Fennville Heights to Tendtown Woods
  • October 15, new food train from Tendtown Woods to Ledinghattan
  • December 20, new train between Tatfield Central and Hunley Market
Train cannot find the depot

Missing Depot

December 25 was found that the train between Dinfingway and Saston had a problem; there is no depot. It was possible that during a re-organization the depot was demolished and not rebuild.

Financial Overview 2027


Last year we started to sell all our old monorail trains.
January 13, the last one was sold. Now we cam continue with replacing the monorails with the Maglev rails.
There is still a lot of work to do.

Overview of 2028

  • February 13, new train between Tatfield Central and Nardinghattan Bridge
  • February 22, new train between Fledingville and Nardinghattan Bridge
  • March 13, new train between Tinston and Fledingville
  • April 1, Murphy & Co, starts construction near Flondston
  • April 9, new train between Betown and Fledingville
  • May 15, new train between Betown and Lunton
  • May 17, Murphy & Co has now 7 road vehicles
  • June 9, new train between Flondston and Fennville
  • July 10, new wheat and live stock train from Sentwood Heights to Flondston
  • August 8, new train between New Pronfingley and Trunhill
  • August 10, subsidy offer for passengers transport from Kendhattanto Dinsoft
  • September 20, new train between Kendhattan and Dinsoft, with the subsidy
  • November 9, new train between Drontburg and Slindwood
  • November 25, new train between Kendhattan Central and Runwood, with stop in Barninghall
  • December 12, new train between Nunton and Great Chunborough
  • December 23, new train between Kindingstone and Drontburg Central
Financial Overview 2028


We have now sold all old trains and we have 63 new trains. Therefore is our train income is again lower then before.
We have to continue with construction of new rails and buying new Maglev trains.

Lev 2 Cyclops - new Maglev locomotive


The first of February we got a new locomotive. This on is even faster then the one we have already.
It has also more horsepower (12,000hp)
This will be the new locomotive for the future.

Our Work

  • February 14, new train between Saston and Dinfingway, subsidy on March 12
  • March 17, new train between Slarfingfield Mines and Saston
  • March 21, UFO lands near Wrunthill City, on a not used track
  • April 20, new coal train from Slarfingfield Mines to Flondston Woods
  • June 28, new coal train from Great Chunborough Mines to Flondston Woods
Some offers for subsidies


In the mean time we got some offers for subsidies, so we will try do get these.

Our Work

  • August 6, the new train for the first subsidy gets on its way to Nunton.
  • August 17, we got the subsidy for this service.
  • August 31, the new coal train is in operation
  • September 14, we got also this subsidy.
We got all subsidies


We got now all subsidies, so we can continue with our normal work.

Our Work

  • October 5, new gold train from Drontburg Woods to Drontburg
  • October 15, new transport company launhed: Tennpool Transport
  • October 21, new train between Tatfield and Ronwood
  • November 9, new train between Tatfield and Tinston Central
  • December 7, new gold train from Betown Woods to Flondston
  • December 23, new food train from Tendtown Woods to New Pindhead
  • December 28, last old railroad station replaced, New PronfingleyWoods
Company Status Report


Another decade finished. Ten years of hard work to get the new Maglev Trains introduced. WWW transport has now 74 trains.
Our income is improved a lot; it was just a bit less than hundred million dollar. We got about twenty million dollar more then the year before. Our new trains are doing well.

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