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Dinsoft 2000


Dinsoft has now 785 inhabitants. It looks like the people don't like to live here and move to the neighbor cities. The transport from Dinsoft to and from these cities is very good. There are several connections with fast trains.
This year, 2000, we will get some new and very fast trains.
We will wait or them before we replace any existing old train.

New Monorail Locomotive available


On March 1 we got the message that we can buy new trains. They are very fast, 305 km/h. It is a monorail construction that means that they cannot run on our existing rails.

Railroad construction

Now we can chose out of two types: the "classic" one,

Monorail construction

or the new monorail type. For new constructions the monorail will be used.

Old Saston Mines station

The first Monorail

A good place to start is the railroad from Saston Mines to Betown Power Station. Here are now two trains running from almost 17 years old. They need almost to be replaced. Now we can also make a new tunnel, a bit lower in the mountain. This will increase the speed of the train.

Old coal train 160km/h

The old coal train with a maximum speed of 160km/h

New coaltrain 305km/h

and the new coal train has a speed of 305km/h

New Saston Mines station

Very expensive

It costs over 1.3 million dollars. Also the running cost is a bit more. However, the earnings will be much higher, the train is faster; the coal car can contains 35 tons, instead of 30 for the old ones. At June 17 the new train is running.

The July 4 it arrives at Betown Power Station. It earns almost $150,000 Our first fast monorail is ready.

Small mountain village


Ledinghattan is a small village in the mountain, chosen by us to develop. But since our last visit there is no improvement. They have still only 64 inhabitants. On August 12, we spend a few million dollars for some new buildings. The station accepts only passengers, no mail no food.

Improved farming gives a higher production

September we got a message about doubling the production of the Frondhead Farm. It was 160 tons and it will become 320 tons. The transport rating from that farm are already low, about 35 %.


Since we are passing Paninghall with this new monorail, we first update their station to monorail. The people there are very sensitive, if we cut a few tress, then they become angry on us and won't give any more permission to change the station. Now we replace first the station and then we can do what we want...

UFO lands near Gefingway


November 17 the job at Paninghall is done, they have a new station. We just started with a new farm station when we got a message about a landed UFO. Let's have a look there to see what happens.

UFO explosion Militairy airplane

From an unknown source, we see a strange model airplane. It looks like a military model. After some time it arrives at the UFO location. There is no try to communicate, just a big bomb is dropped to destroy the UFO. We are lucky, our train has no damage at all. We have only to repair the rails.

Financial overview 2000


The years before we had a lot of growth. Every year an increase in earnings. Last year we had only a small increase.
This is because we did not do any expansion, we replaced only some old, two rails by the new monorail.

Tindhall Woods station

First Monorail

On June 14 the monorail between the station at Frondhead Farm and Tindhall Woods is in operation. The transport service rating is very low, only 19%. This is due too the fact that there for some time were no trains at all. It will now improve rapidly with the new and fast monorail trains. Now we must replace also all the other rails to and from Tindhall Woods rail station.

Arrival of new train in Brubourne

Second Monorail

July 17 the second monorail is to Tindhall Woods is ready. it goes to Brubourne. The trains transports passengers, mail and food.
November 7 the monorail from Pennville farm to Tindhall Woods is also in operation. At the moment there are two trains, instead of the four which we had before. Due to the higher speed and better loading capabilities, this should be sufficient.

Financial overview 2001


Now the new monorail trains start to make money.
The income increase was again about one million dollars.
Also our Bank Balance is increasing.
Now we earn more then we can spend on construction and new trains.

Stupid road construction


Begin of March we found a problem with train 3. Just on the moment that the new monorail depot was built, some stupid people from Carfingly made a new road. The connection rails between the depot and the rails could not be built. We had first to remove the road and the make the depot to rail connection. Now it is good.

Ledinghattan accepts mail

Holiday Village

Our small holiday village in the mountains did grow, but not yet accept any mail. Begin of the year we constructed again some buildings and now, March 11 we got the message that Ledinghattan now accepts mail. They have now a population of 267.

Very large farm


The next step in replacing the old rails with the monorail is from Dinfingway Farm Starfingfield Food Processing Plant. This plant has two station, one is already replaced, new we go to do the other one.
November 26 the job is done. A new wheat train, a new Live-Stock train and a passenger + food train. A separate food train goes direct to Tindhall station.

Full station

Senfingly to Slunningpool

Just before the end of December we changed the railroad from Senfingly to Slunningpool. Senfingly has still a three-platform station, but now only one platform is used for the passenger and mail train to Slunningpool. There are a terrible lot of passengers waiting on the station of Senfingly.

Financial overview 2002


Whooow, the new trains did do a very good job, over 20 million dollars.
However, don't forget the inflation: a dollar from today is less worth then one from 20 years ago.

Still many old trains

Trains getting old

During the time we were working on the construction of the new monorails, we got a lot of messages about "trains getting old".
They have all to be replaced by the new monorail types. That means that also the rails itself and the stations must be replaced. We will continue with all the trains from and to Dinsoft where we have our office.

We got a subsidy


February 14 we started with our work around Dinsoft. First all trains returned to their depots, then new station, the new railroad and finally the new trains. As soon as there is a part ready where a train can start then we put one in operation. End of April we got a subsidy for an already existing train, thanks a lot for this, we always need some extra money.

Now very good transport ratings

Dinsoft Woods

July 8, the Dinsoft Woods station is replaced together with all the connecting lines. The new trains are now running and our transport ratings are up to 91%. This is very good
End of October all work at Dinsoft is ready, except the railroad for the transport of the printed goods. For this we have to replace the whole line up to Tenington Woods station.

Again an UFO


November we got a message about a landed UFO near Tenington Woods. Now we go to do something different then before, we go to place two trains on the UFO position. These trains will protect the rails. December 15, the UFO was destroyed. The trains and rails were still good.

Financial overview 2003


Our earnings are still rising. Almost 2 million more then the year before.
We spent more then 10 million dollars on construction and new trains. This will remain our highest expense in the future.

Tenington Woods

This train earns money
New tenington Woods station

January 20, Tenington Woods has a new Monorail station. Now we can be sure that the transport rating will increase from 50% to maybe 90%. We can also save money by running only one train.
March 18 the first monorail train is loading wood.
April 3 it arrives at the Paper Mill.

New Paper Train

June 16 the new paper train is running. Now we have only to connect the printing factor with the railroad station in Dinsoft. September 5 the goods train arrived at Dinsoft station. We replaced already a lot of trains, but there are still many more trains to be replaced.

Ledinghattan now accepts Food and Goods


September 23 Ledinghattan accepts Food and Goods. Now our food train can make some money there and the village can grow a bit.

Very old train, reliabillity zero percent

26 years old Trains

Now we have really to replace some of the very old trains. For example train 16, from Tatfield Central to Nardinghattan Bridge is already 26 years old. The reliability is 0 (zero).
It cannot run anymore. On Tatfield Central are several hundreds of passengers waiting...

End of December, just before Christmas, Tatfield has its first monorail connection. It is from Tatfield Central to Nardinghattan Bridge. The other connection to Tatfield Central will be done next year.

Financial overview 2004


We have now so many old trains that our income is going down. It is possible to replace them by the same models, but these models are getting old and there reliability is rapidly decreasing.
They have all to be replaced by the Monorails trains.

New transport company

New Company

Now Higgings & Co. is founded, they try to get a subsidy for a gold transport from Kendhattan Gold Mine to the bank in Gadtown. They won't succeed, it is very difficult to find a place on the river to build a bridge and when they are ready with the rail road, they have no more money to buy a train.

A full train

Tatfield to Hunley Market

February 20 the new monorail from Tatfield to Hunley Market is finished and the train is in operation. At this moment the transport ratings in Hunley Market are very bad, 18%. This will improve rapidly with the new train. The train is really full with passengers and mail.


  • April 29, new train from Drontburg Central to Kindingstone.
  • June 12, the Gold train from New Pronfingley Woods to Drontburg Central.
  • July 6, the train from Drontburg Central to Parwood.
    Parwood has now a new two-platform train station.
  • August 23, new train from Parwood to Hunley Market.
  • October 4, from Overingway Mines to Pennville North
  • November 20, new coal train from Overingway Mines to Lendhead Woods.
  • December 25, new train from Dinfingway to Ronwood.
Financial overview 2005


A lot of time and money was spent on new monorails and new trains.
As a result of that, our income starts to increase. Roughly two million dollar more then the previous year.

We will continue with the replacement of rails and trains.

  • January 23, train from Dinfingway to Saston
  • April 6, new train from Tatfield to Ronwood
  • May 20, new train from Tinston Central to Tatfield
Millennium Z1

Millennium Z1

In June we have a new locomotive available. Capacity is 50 passengers. This can be dangerous in some cases. When you put some coal cars on it and set it for "full load" at a coal mine, then it will be waiting forever...

First Z1 in operation


August 20, the first new Z1 is running between Tindhall and Bufinghill City. It has a few extra passenger cars and a Mail Van.

Open subsidies


There are still some subsidy offers. We will try to get the two passengers services.

  • October 8, new Z1 from Wrunthill City to Tedingville
  • October 24, new Z1 from Bufinghill City to Tedingville (subsidy on Nov. 5)
  • October 28, Bufinghill City connected with Tronbridge (subsidy Dec.4)
New situation Old situation

For the subsidy on the passenger service from Bufinghill City to Tronbridge we made a junction between two, already existing lines. The train from Tindhall to Tronbridge is out of service.

Financial overview 2006


We have now 59 trains and about 20 of them are still of the old types.
It seems that we need a few more years to replace all the old trains by the new monorail system.
Well, we have now money enough, let's continue.

Damaged rails, UFO?

Looking around

Where are the rails? At the start of a new year is always a good time to look around on the map, to see if everything goes well. We found a terrible problem. The rails at Tenington Woods were damaged. It is possible caused by the destroying of an UFO. When we are busy with construction and replacing trains, there is not always enough time to follow all the news. We have to repair this immediate. Last year this train made almost a half million dollar, if we don't repair, it will be negative.

New station, old rails


  • February 14, new train from Betown to Lunton
  • April 23, new train from Tennpool to New Pindhead

New Pindhead has connections with two other stations. Now we have to replace these also.

  • June 19, new train from Gefingway to Tendtown
  • August 21, new train from Gefingway to Hunningwell
  • October 23, new train from Gefingway to New Pindhead
  • December 6, new train from Kendhattan, via Barninghall to Runwood
    this one replaces two old trains
Financial overview 2007


We are still very hard working to replace all old trains by the monorail trains.
Hopefully it is finished before the first monorails are getting old.
Our income is 3 million dollar more than last year and is now over 30 million dollar.

A list of finished constructions

  • January 28, new train between Grenhattan Springs and Ledinghattan
  • May 10, new food train from Tendtown Woods to Ledinghattan
        Ledinghattan has now 604 inhabitants and accepts food
  • June 27, a new wheat train from Fennville Heights Tendtown Woods
  • June 27, a new live stock train from Fennville Heights Tendtown Woods
  • August 6, new train between New Pronfingley and Trunhill
  • October 21, new train between Kindingstone and Slindwood
        including a gold transport car for Drontburg
  • November 20, new trains between Kendhattan and Slindwood
  • December 11, new train between Tinston and Fledingville

Financial overview 2008


Almost all old trains are now replaced. There are three old trains left. Maybe we keep one for our company museum.
However, earnings are still very good, so we will continue to do our work.

  • February 16, new train between Sentwood and Grenhattan Springs
  • April 6, new train between Flondston and Fennville
        Flondston was still too smal to receive mail so we did a "Found new buildings"
New Superbus


We are continuously receiving a lot of messages. Now one with a new "Superbus" The problem with these messages is, that, if we don't read them we may miss some important information.
But, when we read them and look to the details, we may forget what we are doing at that moment and start with something else.

Flondston now accepts mail

Flondston accepts Mail

It works, April 26, we got the "Flondston accepts mail" message. Very good, on Fennville station there are more then 600 mail bags waiting.

We got the subsidy


  • June 20, new coal train from Gefingway Woods to Fennville West
  • August 6, new train between Brubourne Central and Condinghall

Sometimes there comes a suitable offer for a subsidy, like this one from Condinghall to Pennville. The rails were already there, but still the old type. This was replaced by monorail, another new train; and we got on September 15 the subsidy.

New station with old bridge

Old Rails

There are still some old rails connected to new stations. like in Fledingville. Some years ago this line went to Tatfield. Now there is also a gold mine in Fledingville, so we go to re-route this line Nardinghattan Bridge. October 18, the new train left Fledingville. It has passengers cars, a mail van and an Armored Van for gold transport.

Mountain city

December 2 a new train from Hunningwell to Sentwood. Hunningwell is a village in the mountains, just below the eternal snow.

WWW Transport Information

WWW Transport

WWW Transport has now 61 trains and 8 road vehicles. Our Operating Profit Chart looks very good. The company value is also very good.

We are Chairma  In the Company League Table we are on the top as "Chairman" The one below us is "Traffic manager". The rest is only "Engineer"

Operating Profit Graph
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