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Episode 1 : 1950..1959 - Startup

Financial report 1950


In the first year we spend a lot of money and only a small amount was earned.

The business does not yet go so very well. Even the running cost of the bus is higher then it's earnings. Anyway, a New Year is a good moment to save the game.

WWW Transport Company Status

Company Value

The value of the company is $42,000.

Dinsoft has now 69 inhabitants and Gadtown 167.

The service level on both bus stations is 40%. This is not so good; we can try to improve this.

Lendhead, before any transport operation started

New Bus Service

The best we can do is to start another bus service from Dinsoft to Lendhead. Lendhead is quite a large village and has about 233 inhabitants.
A bus service from here will hopefully bring in some more money.

OK here it goes. First we have to borrow $20,000 more to buy the bus and then we have to build a bus station and another garage.

The new Lendhead bus station with garage

The first bus leaves Lendhead with only one passenger. It earns $28 in Dinsoft.
When it comes back in Lendhead there are 25 passengers in the bus.

To serve all these passengers we put the bus load settings to "full load", now the bus waits until it is full and then it leaves to Dinsoft.

Dinsoft bus station

The bus capacity is 31 passengers.

On June 3 bus is full and leaves for Dinsoft. It becomes now busy at the Dinsoft bus station, there are already two busses. The bus from Lendhead bus earns $856.

Printing Works under construction

On July 1 we got a message that a new printing works is opened at Brubourne.

A printing works supplies crates with goods, but it needs paper. The paper has to come from a paper factory.

The paper factory needs wood. Wood has to come for a forest. Well there is no forest, neither a paper factory, so we can do nothing but wait.

Unnamed competitor


It's also time to mention that at the end of 1950 a competitor founded a new company. They had a look around and found no place to start a transport service, so they are not yet active.
The company name shows "Unnamed", but they are losing money due to the regular payments of the interest on the loan.

Operating Profit Graph

Operating Profit Graph

In the Operating Profit Graph, the yellow line, which shows the profit from the WWW Transport company, tends to go upward into the direction of the black figures.

But there is still a very long way to go.
Now we have a quick look to Dinsoft. As can been seen there are some new houses under construction.

Why are there no trains yet??

The two busses from WWW transport

Well the transport businesses it not yet so good that we can afford to operate trains. At the end of this year we will have a look on the map to see if there are already some villages which are of our interest to start a train service.
Now we have two busses, Bus 1, Dinsoft to Gadtown still loses money, Bus 2 from Lendhead to Dinsoft makes money, it stands on $1,370. not so bad.

Details from Bus 1

Low Reliability

It seems that Bus 1 has a problem, the reliability is only 13%. This is very low.
The bus needs to go to the garage for a service. We have to send it manual to the garage. When a bus is close to the garage, then click on the garage button.
If a vehicle is far away from it's own garage it tends to search for another garage. After it went there, it is sometimes difficult to find the original road back.
After the service, when a vehicles leaves the garage the reliability is back to the original value of 93%.

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