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Special Numerical Controls

A number of machines specifically modified and fitted with SLO SYN numerical controls are available from the factory. Machines are offered to meet the needs of a wide range of metalworking and other production needs.

Turret Drilling Center Type SNC24-2BA

This machine consists of a 6-spindle turret drilling machine, a power spindle feed and a SLO-SYN Positioning Table with point-to point N/C. It can combine drilling, tapping, boring and reaming operations in one setup with no need for operator intervention. Part positioning and selection of the proper tool, depth stop and feed engagement points are controlled from tape. Manual control of these machine activities is also possible.
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N/C Lathe Type SNC 25-17L

The N/C lathe combines a 17" precision lathe with a SLO-SYN continuous path contouring control. The result is an N/C lathe that offers many of the benefits of a tracer lathe plus a number of additional advantages-all at a relatively low cost. Among the features of this machine are: fully enclosed precision ball-nut lead screws; tape selection of spindle speed range; a total of 18 available spindle speeds; and 9 3/4" cross slide travel.
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Process Positioning Machines

The SLO-SYN N/C Positioning Systems are machines using standard SLO-SYN Tape Controls for non-metalworking production applications. These machines are particularly oriented towards electronic and other light manufacturing and assembly applications. They are available as complete units ready to turn on and run or as basic positioning stations that can be adapted to a wide variety of operating devices that are used in manufacturing. Travels range from 12" x 12 " to 20" x 24" The machines can either be purchased or leased.
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N/C Photo Artwork Generator Type SNC1OOP

In electronic manufacturing, especially the printed circuit board area, graphics play an important role in fabrication and design. Traditionally, they are prepared on an enlarged scale by hand and reduced to fit the application. The SNC100P Photo Artwork Generator uniquely eliminates the necessity for reduction by producing a highly accurate 1:1 artwork master.
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SNC400D Drilling Machine

The SNC400D Drilling Machine is designed to meet the requirement for efficient precision drilling of large number of holes in printed circuit boards or other flat stock. It has four precise heads with electrically driven spindles and air-hydraulic downfeed. Set in line for easy operator access, the heads contain means for complete control of downfeed rate, stroke, speed (up to 45,000 rpm) and vertical or lateral position.
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Wire Terminating Machine Type SNC200W

In an operation that is dependent upon operator manipulation, quality control can be a major problem. The SNC200W Wire Terminating Machine eliminates the possibility of positioning error in wire wrapping operations. The assembly to be wired is mounted on the console table which is controlled by the standard point-to point numerical control. A wire wrapping gun is held stationary over the table. An eye-level wire bin is equipped with signal lights to show which wire to pick.
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SLO-SYN Eyeleting Machine SNC300E

This machine consists of a point-to-point N/C controlled cantilever positioning table combined with an eyelet inserting machine. The machine provides fast, accurate insertion of feed-through eyelets in printed circuit boards. Up to 45 eyelets can be automatically fed and inserted in one minute.
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Curvit Tube Bender

The Curvit Division of Maclodyne Corporation manufactures production benders and coilers. Company engineers reasoned that to produce a bender that would make short runs at a profit would require a system that would substantially lower the set-up time and do so at low cost. An N/C unit would therefore have to provide three-axis control capabilities yet be comparatively low in cost.
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N/C Positioning Tables

A variety of N/C Positioning Tables and mounting devices permit the manufacturing engineer to efficiently combine the advantages of numerical control with a particular operating device that has shown good production capability. Each positioning table provides a different feature. The NC200 has an open-frame table with relatively large travel for lightweight, large area workpieces.
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