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Motor Coupling Kits

There is nothing easier then converting a standard machine into a Numerical Controlled machine. All that is required is to mount the motors, couple them to the leadscrews and make the wiring connections with the provided cables. No adjustments are necessary before operating the equipment.
The table below shows on overview of the available motor coupling kits for most of the popular machines.

X and Y Axis Motors

These mounting kits are available for most drilling and milling machines. refer to the list above for specific coupling kit numbers. Each kit contains all hardware needed to mount two motors.

Z Axis Motor

The Z Axis drive is designed specifically for use with a three axis SLO-SYN Numerical tape Control to provide three axis control of a vertical milling machine. It couples the drive motor to the knee of the machine through a 5:1 gear speed reduction assembly enclosed in a dust-tight, oil filled housing. With a 10-pitch lead screw, each motor step will drive the table 0.0001".

The Job

No more tools then a screwdriver and some Allen keys.

The Result

A Three Axis Numerical Controld Milling machine.

PID: 10057 CLT: 0.002 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09