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SLO-SYN Positioning Tables

Many machines are not equipped with tables that can be positioned. SLO-SYN Positioning Tables allow machines of this type to be automated. They are complete two axis positioning systems consisting of a SLO-SYN Numerical Tape Control and a two-axis positioning table. The table can be mounted on virtually any machine and can be easily moved from one machine to another.

The positioning table is designed to provide long life and lasting accuracy in numerical control applications. They incorporate ballnut lead screws to achieve low friction, negligible backlash and high accuracy. Ball bushings and ground, hardened rods assure durability and contribute to the low friction characteristics. The tables are available in two sizes: 10" x 12" with 9" x 9" travel; or 1 0" x 20" with table travel of 9" x 18".

PID: 10057 CLT: 0.017 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09