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N/C Accessories

This page give information about some electronic and mechanical parts used in connection with the SLO-SYN series of Numerical Controls.

SLO-SYN Photoelectric Tape Readers

The photoelectric tape reader used with all SLO-SYN Numerical Controls is also manufactured by The Superior Electric Company. The reader combines the reliability of SLO-SYN stepping motors with the dependability of photoelectric design. Silicon photo diodes sense light as it passes through holes in the tape. These signals are amplified into full "on" or "off" voltage levels. Each combination of holes represents a coded number. The light source is operated at a reduced voltage for longer life.
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The SLO-SYN Stepping Motor

The SLO-SYN stepper motor provides continuous holding power of machine table lead screw and when rotating, it provides driving torque for a machine table lead screw in either direction of rotation.

The SLO-SYN N/C positions the machine table by precisely controlling the SLO-SYN Precision Stepping Motors that drive the lead screws. In effect the stepping motor is an electronically controlled device that replaces the manually turned lead screw crank. It represents the power pack that moves the machine table to predescribed locations with speed and accuracy.
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Hydraulic Amplifier Drives

N/C models are also available with a variation of this stepping motor combined with a hydraulic torque amplifier. Essentially, the motor drives the torque amplifier which. in turn, drives the table lead screw. This combines the high accuracy of the SLO-SYN motor with the powerful torque capabilities of the hydraulic drive. Models utilizing these hydraulic amplifier drive motors can provide up to 16,000 ounce-inches of torque.
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Power Spindle Feed

Complete automation of machine operation requires a means for feeding and retracting the tool from tape commands. A line of pneumatically operated spindle feeds has been developed to perform this function with SLO-SYN Numerical Controls. The spindle feeds provide all the operational characteristics desired: fast initial feed rate followed by slower rate for machining portion of stroke; pecking cycle for deep-hole drilling; tapping capabilities; and adjustable feed rate.
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SLO-SYN Positioning Tables

Many machines are not equipped with tables that can be positioned. SLO-SYN Positioning Tables allow machines of this type to be automated. They are complete two axis positioning systems consisting of a SLO-SYN Numerical Tape Control and a two-axis positioning table. The table can be mounted on virtually any machine and can be easily moved from one machine to another.
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SLO-SYN Rotary table

The type 12T SLO-SYN Rotary Table is a valuable accessory for controlling angular location in automated operations. The table can be used to drill holes located on a given circle without expens4ve jigs and fixtures. Internal, external, circular or slot milling is easily accomplished. Angular cuts can be made with greater accuracy using the rotary table to rotate the work so the cut is made parallel to the x or y axis of the machine.
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