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Superior Electric Bristol- main plant 1970

Historical Slo-Syn Motor datasheets

Superior Electric is located in Bristol, Ct. The company has been producing variable transformers (Powerstat) since 1938. Later they started with the production of synchronous and stepper motors, followed by a full range of drives and controls.

The brand name of these motors and drives is Slo-Syn

This page gives you access to my collection of historical Slo-Syn Motor datasheets.

Type numbers

The standard type numbers are simple:

M indicates a standard stepper motor
SS / LS / HS
SS stands for Standard Speed Synchrounus motor. LS is Low Speed and HS is High Speed.
X is used for the explosion proof motors. Mostly synchrounus, but somtimes also stepper motors.
MX indicates an explosion proof stepper motor
DV indicates a DeVellopment motor. Can be of any type.

Motor Sizes

The range of Stepper Motor sizes is 60mm, 90mm, 110mm and 170mm. For example: M061, M092, M111 and M172. The Synchrounus Motors uses a torque indicator: SS150 = 150 oz/inch, X1500 = 1500 oz/inch.

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