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About this Site

All the pages are made with one file: index.php
The site is divided in sections. At the moment there are the following sections:

  1. Home section
  2. Delphi section
  3. Transport Tycoon section
  4. Motion Control section
  5. Download file section
  6. Link section
  7. About this Site section
  8. My Hobby section
  9. The Slo Syn Museum
  10. The Electronic section

Each section has at least a "home page" This page contains the introduction to the section.
The php file has to be called with two parameters, example:


For the construction of the page there are three files needed:

  1. Section setup
  2. Page setup
  3. Page contents

First the section name will be checked to see if the name is valid. Then it is converted to a number. If the section name is not found then the home section is set as default.

The opening of a page is like a three stage rocket; first the section setup is loaded. Now it knows where to find the other stuff. Then it looks for the page setup then finally the contents file is loaded and you can see the page.

Section setup
The file for the home section setup is: sec_setup1.txt
It contains the following:

  // home section setup file
  $stylesht = "home.css";                  // the stylesheet for this section
  $wimbtext = ' - home pages'; // left top text
  $contdir  = 'sec_home/';                 // contents file directory
  $contents = 'homepage'.$pagenbr.'.txt';  // contents filename
  $logoalt  = 'Look, it\'s me!!';          // ALT text for the main logo
  $bodyline = 'bgcolor="#000066" ';        // inserted in the body tag

It is called with an include statement. The filename is made of the text: sec_setup followed by the number of the section. Then the extension is added: .txt or in some other cases the .php extension is used.

PID: 7003 CLT: 0.001 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09