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Control TDC330/08


Servo motor MO100.052.E2

Bag Machine

The customer is one of the largest packaging manufacturers in India. They have in operation 8 Bag making machines. Some purchased and some made by themselves to match their specific needs.

In their previous machines they had to do some re-programming and adjusting at the change of some products. Their problem was that they have machines in operation all over India, some in very far locations where no one is available to do any modification on the electronics or to modify the program.

They were looking for a simple system, which could be used for all their machines. The solution was to use the TDC330/08. The first machine they made with this control was for bags of 160 mm at the rate of 120 per minute and bags of 206 mm at the rate of 75 per minute. The bags could be with or without printed labels.

They designed a software solution that takes care of all those conditions. The only settings to be done by the operator is to select the bag length with a BCD switch (in 0.1 mm) and to set the selection switch for "Plain" or "Printed" bags in the correct position. The software in the TDC330/08 does all calculations and adjustments.

This first machine is working since the end of 1999 for 16 hours per day, without any problem. The customer made many more machines with the same basic design.

PID: 4043 CLT: 0.001 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09

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