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My Link Pages

My Link Pages

This is the main page of the link section. From here all link pages can be reached. Some of these pages seem to be double, like the one from Transport Tycoon; but that is not true. The page is the same but has some different colors - thanks to the power of CSS.

Please note that all links open in the same browser window: you leave this site. Many site uses the "target=_BLANK" attribute, but this is not allowed anymore in XHTML1.1

Open in the same window: click
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Download my Links

To make life as easy as possible, the links from the link pages are downloadable as a zipped SQL file.
Each link has the format as shown below. The SQL for the table creation is also present in the file.

'Site Name',
'Additional information',
1, '', page, '2003-08-22', '0000-00-00');


There are seven link pages. They are selected with the "page" variable".

  1. 601 = Delphi
  2. 602 = Perry Rhodan
  3. 603 = Swiss Jobs
  4. 604 = Transport Tycoon
  5. 605 = Motion Control
  6. 606 = Web Construction Links
  7. 607 = Swiss Info Links

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If you want to link to me, then you can use one of the banners below.

Home page

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Delphi page

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Transport Tycoon page

Micro banner - transport tycoon The link is:
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