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Log # 40 -> 2009-Feb-21-Saturday --- Some Updates

Found that the down counter on the page for Delphi Program 1 stopped working (change of GD version?) So now it is repaired and it works again properly. Please, if you see something, let me know.
Made the BMI Calculator Form Tableless, now it is

Log # 39 -> 2009-Jan-01-Thursday --- Happy New Year

I wish everybody a happy New Year and a good and fast web surfing in 2009.

Log # 38 -> 2008-Dec-08-Monday --- Sphider Integration

The "About this Site" section has a new page about the integration of the search machine "Sphider".

Log # 37 -> 2008-Nov-03-Monday --- WHAT A DAY !!!! READY FOR ANOTHER ?

Yes, it was a day to remember ! Nearly 420 former employees and their guests packed the Lyceum hall to capacity on that eventful October 20th. .
More can be read on the Information Page

Log # 36 -> 2008-Sep-22-Monday --- Superior Electric Reunion

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the company, a plant-wide reunion for all former and current Superior Electric Company employees is planned.
More can be read on the Information Page

Log # 35 -> 2008-Mar-07-Friday --- 2010 Shortwave Receiver

The page in the Electronic Section with the 2010 Shortwave Receiver is ready.

Log # 34 -> 2007-Dec-25-Tuesday --- iButton Adapter

The page in the Electronic Section with the iButton Adapter is ready.

Log # 33 -> 2007-Nov-24-Saturday --- Homepage

The Homepage is a bit modified; now all sections are reachable within one single mouse click. Also the Site map has now a direct link.

Log # 32 -> 2007-Mar-03-Saturday --- iButton Reader

This is a Delphi program that can read the serial number of a Dallas / Maxim iButton.

Log # 31 -> 2006-Dec-17-Sunday --- New Transport Tycoon Page

There is a new Transport Tycoon Page that shows the growth of a village during the hundred year of the game. Here it is

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