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Log # 30 -> 2006-Sep-21-Thursday --- Download Rik Ransel Book

In the hobby section you can now download an old book in PDF. The title is: Het einde van de Noordpool. Yes, it is in Dutch. The download is at the bottom of the page.

Log # 29 -> 2006-Aug-06-Sunday --- New Museum Page

There is a new Museum Page in the Slo-Syn Museum section. You can find there the SP151, SP153 and the SP155

Log # 28 -> 2006-Jun-18-Sunday --- Send a Postcard from Bussigny

I found that the send a
Post Card from Bussigny
was not working. Since it was only a very small thing, it is now all OK.
please, if you see any problem, let me know via the Contact Page

Log # 27 -> 2006-May-14-Sunday --- New Site Search

This site has now a new search function. It is a simple, but very powerful php script that I found on: sphider. I use it also on my other site: It is completely adaptable to my needs, like same colors as the sections. It is great!

Log # 26 -> 2006-Mar-27-Monday ---

After cleaning up some boxes I found a complete journey with many photos of a trip to China made in 1978. It was so complete that I decided to put it on the Internet.
The result is
It is not yet all ready, but there is a lot to read. It is all in Dutch.

Log # 25 -> 2005-Oct-12-Wednesday --- SiteMap

Please note that almost all pages are listed in the
Site Map
There you will find where you are looking for...

Log # 24 -> 2005-Sep-07-Wednesday --- File Date Time Changer

New Delphi Program :
File Date Time Changer
File Date Time Changer
This program can set all files or selected files in a directory to the same date and time. At the same time it can change the file names to upper or lower case. Including source code.

Log # 23 -> 2005-Aug-07-Sunday --- Guest Book

I found a lot of rubbish in the GuestBook; all removed. Also the anti spam is improved; all spam is now automatically deleted and not entered in the database. This gives a much better numbering of the GuestBook topics.

Log # 22 -> 2005-Jun-14-Tuesday --- 100000 Downloads

I'm very glad with this number. All done in about two years time.
Thank you all.

Log # 21 -> 2005-Mar-08-Tuesday --- Tip Top Tips

I'm very glad to inform you that I found a very nice job in the development of Dental Electronics at a company called Tip Top Tips
This Tip Top Tips is a modern, fully ISO certified Swiss High Tech Company with activities in the field of design, development and sales of dental medical devices.

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