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Log # 20 -> 2004-Nov-30-Tuesday --- Swiss Job Wanted

I am really in the very urgent need of a (any) job.
Everything a bit technical is OK. For the Swiss - a salary of around Sfr xxxxx.xx / month is already very good for me.
Please use the contact page to send me a message, I am waiting for it !

Log # 19 -> 2004-Sep-29-Wednesday --- Locomotion

September 10 I bought the new Locomotion game. The intention is to make something similar as the Transport Tycoon pages.
But because I am jobless and more and more or less homeless, it will take a lot of time before it will be ready.

Log # 18 -> 2004-Jun-26-Saturday --- Top Day

June 25 was very busy here, almost 1000 visitors. The result was over 1500 downloads. The most popular was the Binary Clock ,about 1000 times downloaded. I'm wondering where they all came from.

Log # 17 -> 2004-Jun-13-Sunday --- New Museum Pages

After a lot of work I've finished some new pages in the Slo-Syn museum section.
They are all about the first Slo-Syn drives, made by Superior Electric.
It's about the generation Translators and Preset Indexers from 1965 to 1975.

Log # 16 -> 2004-May-26-Wednesday --- Site was Down

The site has been down for a few days, from Sunday 23 May 2004 to Tuesday 25 May. I hope that you did not miss anything. But now it is up and running again.

Log # 15 -> 2004-May-07-Friday --- New Homepage

As you can see I put some Google Adsense on the site.
Also the Homepage itself is modified. Now there is a column with the latest news. It shows the latest topic from the ChangLog Pages and some links to older topics.

Log # 14 -> 2004-Apr-04-Sunday --- Site Quiz

Already a very long time I like to have a quiz on my site. Well now there is one. The first quiz has questions about the content of my site, so you need to visit all pages.
The second quiz is about XHTML, to check if you really know something.
It is still a Beta version; so when you have some remarks, please let me know via the contact page. Use the link in the home menu to go to the quiz.

Log # 13 -> 2004-Mar-17-Wednesday --- Link Pages Updated

The links pages are updated. There are no more tables, but only DIV's with CSS.
Now also the web construction link page is added to the link section.
Before this was the last page in the "About my Site" section. A few more small changes will follow soon.

Log # 12 -> 2004-Feb-24-Tuesday --- CSS Files Updated

All the CSS files are updated. They are now smaller and cleaner.
Also some pages had to be modified to adapt better to the CSS changes.
The browse buttons at the bottom of each page are updated.
It works now without JavaScript. The accesskey is also properly working. Now it uses Alt minus for a lower page and Alt plus for the higher page.
Please note that there still can be some small problems.
Do not hesitate to use the contact form if you see some of them.


Log # 11 -> 2004-Feb-19-Thursday --- Delphi Program : HTML TagStripper

New Delphi Program

Some time ago I had to modify an existing HTML file. There was a lot of rubbish inside. I did not find a simple cleanup program, for example to remove the FONT and SPAN tags.

Well, a good reason to make something with Delphi. The program is ready. Be careful, it can remove almost everything. Only some text may be left at the end of the cleanup. So, be safe and make backups and keep them on a safe place.

So have a look at the HTML Tag Stripper program

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