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Guest Book Information

This guest book has two fields, name and message, marked with (*) that are required to fill in. For the others you are free to do what you want.
Please note that the maximum message length is 1200 characters.


This is a No Spam Guest Book: URL's in the message area are not allowed. If you like, you can place one single url in the Homepage field.
All messages with url's in the message area are not placed in the Guest Book and an email is send to the webmaster of to verify if it is really spam. You will probably never see the message in the Guest Book.
If you see this text in a red box, then it is you who tried to place an url in the message area.
Some people try to place their spam several times; don't do that, it does not help; you only waste your time.
Any spam results in an IP block for 24 hours.

Also promoting anything makes no sense; the guest book pages are excluded from searchmachines with

 <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW" />

No JavaScript

All JavaScript is converted to plain text and will never be executed.

Home made Guest Book

Please note that this is a "homemade" guest book. It is not guaranteed to be error free. All you typed in may get lost...
Specially stuff about V.1.AGRA!!, pills , casino's or enlargements is very sensitive to get lost here. So don't waste your time. Everything else I don't like will be removed

Mandatory Fields

The name and the message field are mandatory.

Please note that the message is limited to 500 characters.


You may write in English.
Vous pouvez écrire en Français.
Sie können Deutsch schreiben.
Nederlands mag ook.

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