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This is my first try to convert a DataBase into HTML. It reads the data from a "repair" database, which contains all the repaired and defective goods that I received from customers.

The tables are: "MOB_UNIT.DBF" and the "CUSTOMER.DBF".
The first DBF file contains the information of the defective units. One of the fields contains a repair code number. Example: 14 means un repaired returned to the customer.

If the number is 65 then it is a spare unit available for replacement. There are four different of these numbers.

These numbers are read from the database and converted to HTML pages. The "CUSTOMER.DBF" is of course the customer data.

DBase to HTML Main screen

The program can also make an HTML page with an overview of all the defective units that are waiting for confirmation from the customer, units to be repaired, units which are ready but not shipped and an all units which are shipped the last two weeks.

As an addition I made later an extra section in the program which use the same database, but it makes pages of units which do have a special status. This is to filter out the units in the repair department, which can be used as spare unit.

This last section from the program is still in use, it make a page for the servo motors, one for the servo drives, one for the stepper motors, one for the stepper drives and a special for all other stuff. In addition there is a hand made index page to navigate between these pages.

Please note that this program uses the BDE.

In January 2002 the program is a bit modified. The TTable to access the database table is replaced bay a TQuery. Now the output is sorted on unit name.

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PID: 2007 CLT: 0.002 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09