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With this program you can make RTF Files to compile with the Windows Help Compiler. This program was copied from the famous Dutch Delphi magazine "Blaise". The article was written by Jip Lenstra. It can be found in Blaise 39, "maart 1997", page 25.

My additions are:

  • "Find and Replace dialog"
  • "Last Used Files" open section
  • "MAP File" output
  • CNT file output
  • Windows Help File
Make help - Editor main screen Make Help Editor main screen.

This program is very useful for me. Up till now, I've made all my help files with this program. You can insert links, bitmaps etc. It has everything you need to make a Windows Help File. Of course some knowledge of the RTF format is required.

In Feb. 2002 the program got a face-lift. Also in addition to the MAP file generator, it makes also a "cont" (content) file. The extension can be changed to cnt and than edited with the Windows Help File Compiler. It will work without editing, but there might be some "beauty" problems.

Make link With the "Make Link" button you can insert "Pop-up Link" or a normal link to another help page.
Make new topic The "Make Topic" button inserts a new topic in the RTF file. It works with an extra form were you can enter the topic ID and all other required data to make the topic. Finally the "Show result" button shows roughly the final result, see below.
Show RTF file

Since January 20, 2002, this program has also a help file. In fact, it's so simple that you won't need one. But it is very good to have an example RTF file with this program.

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PID: 2005 CLT: 0.002 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09