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The first version of the program was made with Turbo Pascal 5.
The program works the same as the box with all the little pins as you can buy in a toyshop. The advantage is that the pins will never get lost.

intro screen

This is the intro screen of the program. It is saved in the program itself. At the bottom you can find the control section. There is a selection for the shape of the pin and, of course, one for the color.

The Pin at the left bottom side is the actual one. The same as comes on the grid when the left mouse button is clicked.

clown in mosaic

Here is a part of a "mosaic" clown.

Car - grid onCar - grid offSmall puppet
A little puppet The "grid" can be switched on and off.

The data files contains several Mosaic examples.

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PID: 2004 CLT: 0.002 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09