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Some time ago I've made a small php program to count and to log downloads on my website. After some time I found it practice to use a small Delphi program to download the log file to my computer. Therefore this program is made.

The format of the log file is as follows:
Date, Time, IP number, FileName

The file is comma separated like the line above. After download the file is saved to disk and read back in the stringrid.

The URL can be entered in the edit box below, but please note that the format is fixed.


16 Dec 2002
A DBGrid was added together with TDbf component. Now the data from the logfile is save in a DBase table. By a click on the column title the column can be sorted ascending or, with the next click descending.

TDBF Component

This program is made with the tDBF component from Pascal GANAYE, now maintained by Micha Nelissen. The website with the component and forum is here

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PID: 2019 CLT: 0.003 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09