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The Elterm 24 is a simple operator interface "dumb" terminal designed to operate with an intelligent control. The terminal has two primary functions:

  • Display data/messages sent from the control on its screen
  • Transmit key presses to the control via its keypad

It is an ideal terminal for the control of stepper and servo motor drives. To evaluate this ELTERM and to test the programs inside the motion controls this "emulator" can be used. It functions the same as the real one.

Elterm 24

Elterm 24

main screen


The control of the ELTERM 24 display has to be done by the program inside the connected motion controller. This includes displaying characters, erasing characters, and cursor positioning. The ELTERM 24 does not even echo key presses to its display. If you want to see them on the ELTERM screen, the control must transmit all characters received from the ELTERM 24 back to the terminal to display.

The ELTERM 24 also has a key repeat feature that cannot be disengaged. When a key is pressed, the character is transmitted, then after a delay of about 0.5 seconds, if the key is still depressed, the same character is re-transmitted at a speed of 10 per second.

Just program the stepper or servo control via COM1 and the Elterm 24 emulator communicates via COM2 with the second ComPort of the motion controller. The company logo can be replaced by another one, just as you can do with the real Elterm 24. Behind the logo there is a hyperlink to the company or distributors website. This can also be changed and is stored in an INI file.


  • Display: 4 lines with 20 characters with LED background illumination.
  • Powersupply 12 to 24 VDC, about 300 mA
  • Communication parameters: RS485, 4 wires, 9600 Baud, 1 startbit, 8 databits, 1 stopbit
  • All printable received ASCII characters go to the display.
  • The non-printable characters, like Carriage Return (CR) are processed and executed.
  • When a key is pressed, the character is transmitted, and after a delay of about 0.5 second, when the key is still pressed, the same character is re transmitted at a speed of 10 characters per second.
  • The ELTERM has an internal receive buffer of 40 characters.



The Elterm 24 Emulator uses the excellent TComPort component made by Dejan Crnila. This ComPort component can be found at Please note that I've made some small modifications on this component to make some character conversion.
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PID: 2010 CLT: 0.005 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09