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Sphider Integration

From : Steve on : 2009-25-11-Wednesday 18:51:25

With the outlined method, there is too much programing and
filler to get the same result. There's an easier,
straight-forward approach to Sphider integration.
After uploading and configuring
Sphider... Cut and paste the entire "search.php"
page into a current php page on your Website. Rename that
page "search.php". Go through and configure your paths...
your done. It's that simple!

email addressFrom : uvo on : 2009-26-10-Monday 16:57:19

when i started to intergrate the sphidersearch i ran from
one problem into the other...your tutorial helped me a lot.
thank you very much!

email addressFrom : Ron Pace on : 2009-07-08-Friday 01:35:04

Thank You. I had problems integrating the search box and results in my site.
I was going to do it, but your site saved me a lot of time.
The sphider docs should be updated.
Thanx again.

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