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2040...2049 - Finalization

email addressFrom : iwanwilaga on : 2008-22-08-Friday 13:40:08

I've read the Evaluation-chapter just right now. My
docuemnting methods differed a bit. I ran tycoon at Dos Box
0.72 and made screenshots by FastStone Capture into png and
after manipulated them. The other big difference was in the
gameplay method: i didn't use TTDpatch and dont' reload if something fails. (Of course i played in a
random scenario so there was no good source-problems at the
start.) Well.. if in this life you will have time for
another gameplay against 1 human competitor who will
document the eventflow on his way, and after publish that on
the ttd forum, you can count on me. (talk about the details
if you accept) -As i see your correction- html tags
are allowed here ?

email addressFrom : iwanwilaga on : 2008-21-08-Thursday 01:41:29

Impressive! A have to read it through.. I will make time for it ! Nice job !
I made my first gameplay report also at, but that is size a tenth or hundredth part of your report !
So I just try to imagine how much work lays in this ! %) cheers from Hungary
Well, one year took about 2 hours.

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