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Calculate your BMI

From : Anonymous on : 2005-23-07-Saturday 13:15:42

Glad to be in good shape and not undernourished like many of
the people where I use to go for my work. If you want to
know my score you'll have to contact me on meetic,
Zanzibar_510, Cheers

From : Anonymous on : 2004-27-03-Saturday 11:19:07

Your BMI index info is incorrect. A low BMI does not
indicate less fat. Nor does a high BMI indicate an over fat
condition. BMI is simply a body mass - to -
height index.
It does not take into account individuals that may by
muscular. They would have a higher BMI, but your
calculator would say that they
are over fat. The BMI means
little and can be quite misleading. A body fat
analysis is
a better indicator of body composition.

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