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This site is divided in sections. Each section has its own "homepage" where you can find information about that section. A click on one of the icons at the top of this page or on one of the icons below brings you to the section homepage.
Your reaction on this site is welcome. Please use the Contact page to send me your comment.

Home Section

with Anti Spam Guest Book, Body Mass Index calculator and a lot more like the famous site quiz.

Delphi Section

Delphi Section

Now 29 Delphi programs with help files and source code for download, including the source codes.

Transport Tycoon Section

Transport Tycoon Section

It's 1950, you've been loaned $200,000 and you've got 100 years to prove yourself a Transport Tycoon.

Motion Control Section

Motion Control Section

Many examples of stepper and servo motor applications.

Free Download Page

Download Page

All the downloadable files with link to a detailed information page. Free Delphi programs, Transport Tycoon savegames and other home made stuff.

Slo-Syn Museum Section

Slo-Syn Museum

The history of the Slo-Syn products made by the Superior Electric Company in Bristol Ct. USA.

Electronics Section

Electronics Section

This section gives a description of my Electronics Projects which I've made in the past.

About this Site

About this Site

History and special techniques used for this website.

Hobby Section

Hobby Section

About reading books, amateur radio, computer controlled model railway and more.

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Here you will find some pages with my favorite links.

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