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Dinsoft in 2010


Our Head Quarter village has almost 1000 inhabitants. The ten coming years we have to focus on our consolidation.
We should try to get as many subsidies as possible. We have also to clean up some old railroads and to look around in our world to check if all goes well.

758 tons of food waiting

New Food Train

The first thing we did this year was a new food train from Tendtown Woods to New Pinhead. The rails were already constructed. It looks that we just forget to put a new train in operation. There is a lot of food waiting and the transfer rating is very low.
February 15, the train is in operation.

We got the subsidy

Old Railroads

All stations are replaced. But there are still a few old railroads between new stations; we will replace them if we can get a subsidy.
April 8, we made new service between Condinghall and Paninghall. A few days later we got the subsidy for it.

Our old  museum train

The last Old Train

There is still one old train running. The reliability is only 31%. The rails are already relocated to drive this train each trip through its depot. It does not help anymore. It is continuously broken down. We have to replace it.
May 29, the new Millennium Z1 replaces our "museum train"

train 64 full loaded with coal

Long Distance Transport

In the mountains, near Hunningwell is a coal mine. The distance to a power station is very long, so we decided to use another coal mine as transfer station. This is Gefingway Woods. There the new train is unloaded and the coal is transported by another train to Fennville Power Station. The new train will not earn any money, but the other one will increase its earnings.

Kendhattan Transport bankrupt Almost bankrupt

Life in this world is not so easy. Again a company bankrupt. October 4. Another one, not yet bankrupt but it will not take a long time before it happens.

Monorail trains

More Z1's

In November from all the passenger trains to and from Dinsoft the locomotives are replaced. Instead of the X2001 they have now all the Z1. This will give an improvement of the transport rating on the stations.

Tindhall Railroad Station

Tronbridge to Tinston

In December we changed again some trains. now the line from Tronbridge to Tinston is back in operation. Also the train from Tindhall to Bufinghill. Some years ago we changed this to get a subsidy. Now it is put back as it was before. There are too many passengers waiting on Tindhall (811) and on Tronbridge (321)


The year 2010 we spent 25 million dollar for new trains. Income is now almost 40 million dollar, even our Bank Balance goes in that direction.
There are no more trains to be replaced, we can look around and watch the messages.

Very low production Farm closure

March 15, Hunningwell Farm closes. It was a farm with a very low production and too far away from a factory.

Landed UFO

Again an UFO

On May 5 there is again an UFO landed near Tenington. This is already the third one there. It seems to a very popular place.
It's also a good moment to look to the transport rating, 70%, very good.

Bad transport ratings

Frondhead Farm

The wheat and livestock transport from the Frondhead Farm is not so good. The production is very high and there are only two trains. To improve the transport we put on June 5 two more trains in operation. One for Live-Stock and one for Wheat. To avoid loading problems the station was enlarged to four platforms.

Financial report 2011


What shall we do this year? No more trains to replace. No subsidies offered. The best we can do is to look around to see where improvements can be made. Also we must watch the competition. When they have an interesting service, we should take them over.

World Recession

World Recession

March 15, a World Recession. All production will go low, less passenger transport. It will cost us a lot of money, but in a few months it can be over.

Full with passengers Companies merged

Company Take Over

We bought Carfingley Transport. The company was very cheap, but we found later that they had a loan of two million dollars. They owned two buses and two Bus Station in Carfingley.

We go to close the bus station near our rail station on we will build a new rail station at the other bus station.

The new station

Carfingley South

In September the new station, Carfingley South, is ready and the train is running. This train goes to Brubourne. There we made a new, two-platform station. There are still a few thousand passengers waiting on Carfingley South Station.


As you can see, due to the recession we had a much lower income. About eleven million dollar less. On the other side, our bank balance increased to more then 70 million dollar. It's not so bad. Soon the recession will be over and everything goes up again.

Bad and good times

Recession Result

Here you can see the result of the recession. The monthly income lowered from almost 5 million dollar to a bit less then 2 million dollar.
Almost during four months, our income was lower then normal.

New coal transport

New Coal Transport

A new coal transport was made from Great Chunborough Mines to Betown Power Station. Operation was started in August.
The construction of the rails was a bit complicated. Special near Parwood, we had to do some landscape reconstruction. The people in Parwood don't like us anymore, our company ratings are: Appalling.

Another UFO


September 20, Again an UFO landed. If possible I stop a train on that position. When the UFO is bombed (October 8) the train doesn't have any damage and the rails under it are still good.

Intelligent competitor

Straight Rails

Last year we bought another company. There are still a few left, but there is only one who has some real transport service. This is a gold service. We do have an Armored Car on the same route. They have a train. There rails are old and not so clever constructed. On their station near the bank are a lot of passengers waiting.


There was a huge increase in our income. Due to the recession it was 2012 year very low.
This year we will continue with "confirmation". We will make WWW Transport stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger. Get as much money as possible, but also good ratings in all of the cities.

Company merge Old train in depot

The Last Competitor

The old train in the depot.

First thing we did this year was buying the company of our last competitor. Now we can setup a new gold and a new passenger service.

New trains
  • April 5, the new gold train is loading
  • April 24, the train between Slindwood and Kindingstone runs now between Lindwood and Drontburg
Carfingley South station New train

Improving Services

November, Carfingley South has still too many passengers. The transport rating is 43%. That means that we should place another train in operation. So we go to make a new passengers service between Carfingley South and Condinghall. On December 27 is the new train in operation.

Financial report 2014


The year started good, both trains to Carfingley South earned at the end of March each about a half million dollar.

This year we will also start to replace the first X2001 monorail locomotives by the new Z1 model.

Cars of the competition

Tatfield Station

We did some reconstruction near Tatfield Station. The tunnel to Ronwood was closed and a new one was built lower through the mountain. Now the train runs a bit faster.
Also a new company started. They try to get a subsidy for gold transport from Kendhattan Gold Mines to the Bank in Gadtown.

Competition earnings

Gordon & Co

On September 16 the new company, Gordon & Co got the subsidy.
However it is a very long distance and the drivers in the trucks are not always so very clever; sometimes they go completely in the wrong direction and then they are lost forever...

Financial report 2015


Compared to the previous years, our expenditure on new vehicles is a bit higher. We replaced several X2001 locomotives by the Z1. This year we will try to improve existing lines.
We start with passengers service between Ledinghattan and Sentwood.

Our holliday village railroad station


February 10, a bad passengers service was found in Ledinghattan. Therefore we put an extra train in service between Ledinghattan and Sentwood. The same railroad as for the food train can be used.
A part of it has to be made double track and the two stations has to be changed to three-platform stations.

Road vehicle crash

Truck Crash

February 14, It does not go very well with our competitor. They don't make any money and now one of their gold trucks crashed with a train.
September 9, the next truck crashed.

Old and new rails

Old Railroads

On several places there were still some old railroads. They were all removed and in some cases, replaced by the monorails. This was all done. In November we made a double platform station in Betown. There are a few hundred passengers waiting, so it would be good to prepare it for another train.

Betown railroad Station

Betown Railroad Station

December 28, the new train is in operation and arrives for the first time in Betown. It is immediately fully loaded. The railroad goes to Fledingville. There was already a three-platform station.
January 8 the train arrives in Fledingville. Its earnings are just a bit over $100,000

Financial report 2016


Our business is going very well. There is only one competitor left, Gordon & Co, They have only three gold trucks and they lose about $ 40,000 yearly.
We do it much better and we will continue with improvement of the existing services, and, if possible start with new ones.

New Transport Company Launched

New transport Company Betown Gold Mine left:
Betown Gold Mine

January 9, a new company is announced. They start with a monorail station near Betown Gold Mine.

Subsidy offer Two armored trucksleft:
Two Armored Trucks

April 9 we got the subsidy. This time not with a train, but with two Armored Trucks.

Missing locomotive

Not enough Money

The new company, Flondston Transport is ready with its railroad. There are already five Armored vans for the gold transport. They have only 1.3 million dollar left. This is not enough to buy a new locomotive. They will never run any transport service.

More things we did

  • May 7, we added a few mail vans to the train from Carfingley South to Brubourne. There were over 500 mailbags waiting in Carfingley.
  • In December we finished the gold transport from Betown Gold Mine to Flondston Bank. This is the same transport as Flondston transport tried to do - we have money to get it running.
Financial report 2017


This year will be a bit calm. There are not so many new services possible. We can try to improve existing ones.
Maybe it is time to have a holiday in the mountains. We have enough money now to buy our private airplane. When we take other passengers, we might make some money to.

Very high production

Extra Food Train

May 25, an extra food train was put in operation from Tindhall Woods to Carfingley. The factory produces really a lot of food. Only 60% is transported. The existing food train on the same route, earns yearly almost one million dollar. The new train will do hopefully the same.
In July there was another UFO landed, new near Bufinghill City. The UFO was destroyed as usual and the rails repaired.

Our new airport


Sometimes we go on holiday from Dinsoft to Ledinghattan, in the mountains near Grenhattan Springs. We went there always by train. This was already an impossible long trip, but since the monorail is there a few lines where closed and now we can't go anymore. To solve this problem a heli service was opened direct from the new Dinsoft airport to the new heliport in Ledinghattan. We fly with a Guru X2, 515 km/h.

Financial report 2018


On all our major railroad stations the transport ratings are: very good or excellent.
This is what we want to see.
The exceptions are two very large farms, Dinfingway Farm and Frondhead Farm.
They produce so much, that only 50% is transported.

Subsidy offer


In February were looking around to find a place for a new service while we got an offer for a subsidy. On April 17 the train is running. It is a small farm and a short distance, so we use an X2001 with two Grain Hoppers and two Live-Stock Vans. April 20 we got the subsidy.

Old monorail train

Again Old Trains

July 15 we received a message about train 26; it is getting old. It goes to happen. The first monorail trains are from 2000. The normal lifetime is 20 years. So from now on, they need all to be replaced.

We are the champion

Leading Transport Company

WWW Transport is now the leading transport company in this world. There is some competition, but they don't have any transport. Even Gordon & Co sold sometime ago its last Armored Truck and has no activities anymore. The oldest competitor, Tatfield Transport is close to a bankrupt.

Company status

76 Trains

WWW Transport does it now very well. We have 76 trains, 10 road vehicles and one aircraft. Our best trains makes one to one and a half million dollar yearly. Even our private helicopter makes some money.

The company value is a terrible high and we are absolute not afraid for the future.

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