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Episode 10 : 2040..2050 - Finalization

Financial Overview 2046


Another top year. We got even a subsidy on livestock transport. But there are some problems, we do have the maximum number of trains (80), therefore it will be difficult to start new services. we have to look for a low earning train to put on another service.

From two to one Train

Combining Stations

End of March we found a place to improve: Betown Coal Mine and Trunhill Coal Mine are not so far from each other. Now there are two trains, one made 1.7 million and the other 0.9 million dollars last year. Here we go to use only one train.

The improved situation


June 4 the job was done. One station was demolished and the other one was moved and a remote station was added. Now we have a truck loading area on a distance from the railroad station, but it pickups all the coal from the coal mine. One train was sold and the other has a few more coal cars and should make more money.

Strange subsidy offer

Strange Offer

August 1 we got a strange offer for a subsidy on food transport: from a food factory to a Gold Mine. This is impossible; a Gold Mine does not accept any food. Burt he idea is good, we go to make a new transport from the food plant to a nearby city.

Another strange offer

More strange things

Another strange offer: food transport to a bank and also at a very large distance. We won't do anything like this, we started with a food transport to New Pindhead.

October 9, the new food train departs from Runwood Woods to New Pindhead, the first earnings, almost 250,000 dollars

Details of Train 27

Train 27

Train 27, the coal train from Trunhill Woods to New Pindhead Power Station has a very low profit. We will sell this train and setup a new passengers transport between Tennpool and Runwood.

October 24 we start with the railroad construction. November 19, the new train 27 is in operation. After the first return trip its profit is already 200,000 dollars. Not bad for a new train.

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