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Episode 10 : 2040..2050 - Finalization

Financial Overview 2042


Another very good year. train income over 200,000 dollars and our Bank Balance goes almost straight up.

The coming year we will try to make all vehicles making money.

Bad Bus result

New Pronfingley

There is a bus in New Pronfingley that runs very bad. It seems that it cannot find its depot in time. The best is to stop this service and to restructure the railroad station to make the rails road shorter and to avoid passengers transport.

New railroad station on the other side of the Printing Works

Printing Works

March 28 it is all done. The new railroad station is now on the other side of the Printing Works. Both railroads are now much shorter and more flat. Also the city has now some place for expansion. The can build houses on the place of the old railroad station. We must not forget to modify the schedule of the trains, because they have to go to another station; the name is changed.

Reliability zero

Bus 7 was also found with a reliability of zero, so we send this one also to its depot.

April 14 another UFO. A few days later it was destroyed and we repaired the railroad. On Senfingley Woods, where we removed a passengers train are now over hundred passengers waiting. It is time for a bus service from there to Senfingley. June 1 the first bus arrives. On June 3 was found that train 61 had a reliability of zero. A few years ago there was a reconstruction of the rails and these stupid people didn't build a new depot.

Brubourne station, old situation Brubourne station, new situation

August 1 we started with the reconstruction and October 8 it was ready but it took a few weeks more to change the railroad from Carfingley South.

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