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Episode 10 : 2040..2050 - Finalization

Financial Overview 2041


Since the recession is over our income went skyrocketing up; it almost doubled.

Now we go to cleanup all small dirty things and we will try to make all transport vehicles to earn money.

Road vehicle 4 is getting old

New Gold Train

The new gold train is running well. The first three months it made almost one million dollar. That means four million dollars in a year. Road vehicle 4 is getting old and since we want to earn money, we don't replace it. Also the bus station in Tenington will be demolished.

Starfingfield Woods before the big reconstruction

Senfingley Woods

We had a look to the trains and found was that train 14, passengers and mail, between Senfingley Woods and Slunningpool only earning a few hundred thousand dollars. One of the station were it goes to has really a lot of Livestock and wheat. So it will be better to let that train transport some more money-making goods. To do so, we will do a complete rebuilding of Starfingfield Woods.

Starfingfield Woods after the big reconstruction

Wheat and Livestock Vans

December 20 the whole job is done. Train 14 has now a mix of Wheat and Livestock vans and is already earning more money than ever before. There are now less passengers, so the passengers service to Senfingley can be exchanged by more food transport.

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