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Episode 10 : 2040..2050 - Finalization

Dinsoft 2040


Dinsoft has now about 1600 inhabitants. There are two railroad stations and an airport. It has no industry, except the Dinsoft Power Station where the coal from Overingway Mines goes to.

The WWW Transport Company has its head quarter still in Dinsoft. Business is going very well and we are looking forward to the next decade.

To Start

  • January 20, new passengers service (bus) between Frondhead and Frondhead Woods
Once more a World Recession

World Recession

February 5, there was on the news that we are in a World Recession. From many factories and mines the production goes to half of what it is now. In worse case our income can become 30 to 50% lower.

Pronfingley Central with a poor passenger rating

Global Inspection

In January we started to check all our stations to see if the local ratings of the transport services are good enough. Mostly it goes very well. However New Pronfingley Central had a very bad passenger rating. A few years ago there was a bus service but due too some unclear reasons it was suspended. Well let's start with a new bus service.

  • January 20, new bus service between Pronfingley Central and Pronfingley
  • March 27, in train 70, we exchanged some passengers cars by mail vans
  • May 14, the railroad between Saston and Dinfingway was made a bit shorter

End of May the "Global" inspection of all the station was done. The result is two new bus services and on a few places the rails were made a bit straighter and shorter. This gives a good improvement in the average speed of the trains.

Next Step

The next step is to check if all the trains make money. Of course, we will look also at the aircrafts, the boats and the road vehicles. We must take in consideration that we are still in a recession and therefore the income can be lower than usual. So we will look to the earnings of last year.

Bad result of Train 26

Bad Train

Train 26 does it bad. The profit last year was only 160,000 dollars. This is very low; most train earnings are from one to three million dollars. We will send it to its depot and sell it. Train 47 has also a low profit, 280,000 dollars. This one we will put on another route, from Grenhattan Springs to Sentwood. July 29 this is done.

New Coal Mine

In the mean time we got a message about a new Coal Mine. Very important: this means business. The closest Power Station is Slindwood West, but there is also another one: New Pindhead Power Station.

Power Station is located near the Coal Mine

Coal Transport

This Power Station is located in the forest near New Pindhead. There is no coal supply yet and it is on a good money earning distance from the new Coal Mine.

October 12 the new train (27) arrives in the Coal Mine Station. To verify if all the work is done well, we send the train direct to the Power Station. No problems, the first earnings are almost 100,000 dollars.

Air force destroying the UFO


All trains are checked for good earnings and some minor changes were made. Beginning of December a landed UFO. Of course, a few days later there is the Air force to destroy the UFO. Again something to do. Then a bus getting old and the year is over.

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