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Episode 9 : 2030..2039 - Consolidation 4

Financial Overview 2035


Not bad, our Bank Balance raised from 481 million to 586 million dollars. The train income increased, even the road vehicle income is a bit higher. Aircraft income is very low, but there is only one plane that goes from Dinsoft to Ledinghattan. Remember that this service was setup only for the holidays of the employees of WWW Transport

New model locomotive, the LEV3, Pegasus

LEV3 - Pegasus

February the first we got an offer to buy a new model locomotive, the LEV3, Pegasus.

We take this offer, but we won't update all our existing trains but any new train must have the latest model locomotive.
Updating all trains will cost a lot of money and all our locomotives are almost new. Most of them are not older then five years.

Passengers waiting fot the Hovercraft


The Hovercraft between Overingway and Pennville is doing very well. It is always fully booked and several passengers are waiting for the next trip. It will be good to put a second boat in service.

Another company in trouble

Company in trouble

The first of July we got some messages about a company in trouble and about an infection on a farm that causes a lower production. We have no transport from that farm, so there is nothing to worry.

Two stations, to be combined

Combining Stations

Close near this farm are two railroad stations, one for a coalmine and the other one for a gold mine. It will be good to reconstruct these stations to one station and also decrease some level changes in the railroad to the coalmine.

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