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Episode 9 : 2030..2039 - Consolidation 4

Financial Overview 2033


Our business is going well. On all station our rating goes from very good to excellent.
All our 79 locomotives are now model Lev2. It is time to start some other business.
We go to make a boat service from Lendhead to Kendhattan.

First boat arrives at Kendhattan

First Boat

After a few weeks the boat service is up and running. January 21 the first boat arrives at Kendhattan. After a few weeks they started to earn some money, about 40.000 dollars in total.

New bus and a Mail service

Mail Service

When we looked around to all the railroad station, then one was found where the transport rating was 69%. Now is this not so bad, but since we want to improve things, we started a bus and a Mail service to the neighbor station.
March 13 it was in full operation.

Over 100 passengers waiting on Ronwood railroad station


Also in Ronwood is our rating below 70%. Also there we go to make an extra bus service, now from Ronwood to Slunningpool.
As can been seen, there are over 100 passengers waiting on Ronwood railroad station. The first bus arriving at Slunningpool (April 12) earned about 6000 dollars.


A similar situation was found in Runwood. There it is not so easy to make a bus service, but the train itself could be made larger. We added to mail vans and an extra passenger car. May 24 the rating was already improved to 70% for passengers and 69% for mail. It still goes up, so we go to look around to make some more improvements.

Bus service was made between Slindwood and Slindwood West


Also the ratings in Slindwood were below the 70%. In Slindwood west the situation was even worse: no passenger service at all. So a bus service was made between Slindwood and Slindwood West. This does not make a lot of money, but it improves our ratings.

More coal found message

More Coal Found

In the mean time on July 14, we got a message that more coal was found and that the production of the Chunborough Coal Mine is expected to double. This is good news, but we have to make sure that all the coal can be transported.

Farm with high production and only 57% transported

All OK

All stations are inspected and found to have a good transport rating. However, there is one more station with a bad transport rating that is Senfingley Woods. There is a farm with a very high production and only 57% is transported. We go to improve the railroad: shorter and no level changes.

October 20, it is ready. Now the two trains do have each there own track, without level change and without any signs. Let's see if it will improve.

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