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Episode 9 : 2030..2039 - Consolidation 4

Financial Overview 2030


The train income was very good, but due to our new vehicles we have a loss of almost 50 million dollars.
All the big jobs are done, now we can have a look to make some small improvements and to see if we can get some subsidies.

February 1, the first small change was made: the train between Condinghall and Wrunthill City goes now a bit further, to Pennville North.

Insects are destroing a Forest

Insect Problem

March 15 we got the first bad message: an insect problem in Tenington Forest. The wood train there earns yearly about 1.5 million dollar.
This will be a lot lower this year.

Farm at Fronthead Woods with a very high production

Fronthead Woods

The farm at Fronthead Woods has a very high production. The rating at the station is around 50 percent. Therefore on October 13 an extra train is added from this station to the Food Processing Plant at Frondhead East.

Our Work

  • November 15, the production from the Slarfingfield coalmine will be doubled, we have already one coal train here, so no action is needed.
  • November 15, a subsidy offered for gold transport from Kendhattan Gold Mine to Gadtown bank. This was already a few times done by a competitor, but the production is to low to earn money on it, so we don't do anything.
  • December 15, the insects are dead and Tenington Forest increases production

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