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Episode 9 : 2030..2039 - Consolidation 4

Dinsoft in 2030


The past ten years we worked very hard. Now there are still a few trains to be setup, but it is almost ready. Then we have time to improve the existing services and to look for new challenges.

Dinsoft has now almost 1300 inhabitants and seems to be in a wealthy condition. There are still new buildings under construction.

Our Work

  • January 11, new gold train from New Pronfingley Woods to Drontburg Central
  • February 1, new train between Drontburg Central and Parwood
  • March 7, new train between Parwood and Hunley Market
Demolished sation with a lot of food

Lost Food

One of our competitors made a truck station near a food processing plant. After some time they demolished it, and now there is 306 tons of food waiting for transport. This will never happens, the food is lost forever.

Maglev Locomotiv Lev 2 Maglev Locomotiv Lev 1

Lev1 - Lev2

Since the reliability of the Lev2 is very good, we replaced already several locomotives, Lev1 with the better and faster Lev2.

  • November 21, new train between Ronwood and Dinfingway
Trying to make a railroad

Farm with very high production

There is a farm with a very high production and the competition tried already several times to start a transport service from this farm to the closest food factory. One has managed to make a railroad, another one tries now to do so.
Don't worry; they will never get a train running, they have no money for the train.

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