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Episode 8 : 2020..2029 - Maglev Trains

Financial Overview 2028


We have now sold all old trains and we have 63 new trains. Therefore is our train income is again lower then before.
We have to continue with construction of new rails and buying new Maglev trains.

Lev 2 Cyclops - new Maglev locomotive


The first of February we got a new locomotive. This on is even faster then the one we have already.
It has also more horsepower (12,000hp)
This will be the new locomotive for the future.

Our Work

  • February 14, new train between Saston and Dinfingway, subsidy on March 12
  • March 17, new train between Slarfingfield Mines and Saston
  • March 21, UFO lands near Wrunthill City, on a not used track
  • April 20, new coal train from Slarfingfield Mines to Flondston Woods
  • June 28, new coal train from Great Chunborough Mines to Flondston Woods
Some offers for subsidies


In the mean time we got some offers for subsidies, so we will try do get these.

Our Work

  • August 6, the new train for the first subsidy gets on its way to Nunton.
  • August 17, we got the subsidy for this service.
  • August 31, the new coal train is in operation
  • September 14, we got also this subsidy.
We got all subsidies


We got now all subsidies, so we can continue with our normal work.

Our Work

  • October 5, new gold train from Drontburg Woods to Drontburg
  • October 15, new transport company launhed: Tennpool Transport
  • October 21, new train between Tatfield and Ronwood
  • November 9, new train between Tatfield and Tinston Central
  • December 7, new gold train from Betown Woods to Flondston
  • December 23, new food train from Tendtown Woods to New Pindhead
  • December 28, last old railroad station replaced, New PronfingleyWoods
Company Status Report


Another decade finished. Ten years of hard work to get the new Maglev Trains introduced. WWW transport has now 74 trains.
Our income is improved a lot; it was just a bit less than hundred million dollar. We got about twenty million dollar more then the year before. Our new trains are doing well.

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