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Episode 8 : 2020..2029 - Maglev Trains

Financial Overview 2027


Last year we started to sell all our old monorail trains.
January 13, the last one was sold. Now we cam continue with replacing the monorails with the Maglev rails.
There is still a lot of work to do.

Overview of 2028

  • February 13, new train between Tatfield Central and Nardinghattan Bridge
  • February 22, new train between Fledingville and Nardinghattan Bridge
  • March 13, new train between Tinston and Fledingville
  • April 1, Murphy & Co, starts construction near Flondston
  • April 9, new train between Betown and Fledingville
  • May 15, new train between Betown and Lunton
  • May 17, Murphy & Co has now 7 road vehicles
  • June 9, new train between Flondston and Fennville
  • July 10, new wheat and live stock train from Sentwood Heights to Flondston
  • August 8, new train between New Pronfingley and Trunhill
  • August 10, subsidy offer for passengers transport from Kendhattanto Dinsoft
  • September 20, new train between Kendhattan and Dinsoft, with the subsidy
  • November 9, new train between Drontburg and Slindwood
  • November 25, new train between Kendhattan Central and Runwood, with stop in Barninghall
  • December 12, new train between Nunton and Great Chunborough
  • December 23, new train between Kindingstone and Drontburg Central

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