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Episode 8 : 2020..2029 - Maglev Trains

Financial overview 2026


Our earnings are going upwards. We have now 70 trains, about 45 new Maglev trains and 25 old monorail trains. Furthermore we have 9 road vehicles and one aircraft.
This new year we have to continue with replacing monorail with Maglev.

What we did

  • January 10, the new food train goes from Frondhead East to Pennville North
  • January 15, UFO lands near Overingway.
  • April 1, new train between Hunningwell and Gefingway
  • May 6, new train between Sentwood and Hunningwell
  • May 21, new train between Ledinghattan and Grenhattan Springs
  • July 1, new train between Sentwood and Ledinghattan
  • August 19, new wheat and live stock trains from Fennville Heights to Tendtown Woods
  • October 15, new food train from Tendtown Woods to Ledinghattan
  • December 20, new train between Tatfield Central and Hunley Market
Train cannot find the depot

Missing Depot

December 25 was found that the train between Dinfingway and Saston had a problem; there is no depot. It was possible that during a re-organization the depot was demolished and not rebuild.

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