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Episode 8 : 2020..2029 - Maglev Trains

Financial Overview 2025


We have to continue with replacing the old monorail trains by the new Maglev models. At this moment we are about half way, still a few years to go before we are finished.
The train income was a bit higher then the year before.

New coal train

New Coal Train

February 12, new coal train from Betown South to Fennville Transfer. This is not a replacement, but a complete new service.

Rail construction error

More Work

  • April 28, new coal train from Hunningwell Mines to Gefingway Woods
  • May 29, new coal train from Gefingway Woods to Fennville Transfer
  • July 31, new train between Gefingway and Tendtown
Car crash


July 30, our competitor, Hunley Market Transport had a bad day: one more of his vehicles collides with our train. They have now only one Armored Truck left.

Wheat subsidy offer

Interesting Offer

On August 1 we got an interesting offer for a wheat subsidy from Wrefingbourne Farm to Frondhead Food Processing Plant. Not only the transport distance is good, but also the production, 180 tons, so, let's do the job.

  • August 23, new train between New Pindhead and tennpool
Special tunnel

New Wheat Ttrain

October 2, the new wheat train is in operation. We had to make a special tunnel to reach the food factory. Without this tunnel it would be very complicated. When the first train arrives, it earns 184 thousand dollar. Not to bad. Now we have also to setup a live stock train and the food transport train. November 23, the live stock train starts loading at Wrefingbourne.

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