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Episode 8 : 2020..2029 - Maglev Trains

Company Information


It looks that we are only selling our trains; we now have several trains less than the year before. Most of these trains were old and need urgent to be replaced. Since this cost money and time, we just sell them and we wait until the can be replaced by Maglev trains. That's again our job for this year.

Our Work

  • January 19, new train between Dinsoft and Gadtown
  • February 7, new train between Gadtown and Wrefingbourne
  • March 18, new train between Dinsoft and Lendhead
  • April 17, new train between Dinsoft and Chanville
  • June 20, new goods train from New Pronfingley Central to Dinsoft
New Coal Mine under Construction

New Coal Mine

July 15 we got a message about a new coal mine. With these coal mines we can make good business. Coal transport brings up a lot of money and the Fennville Power Station is not so far.

More Work

  • August 2, new train between Dinsoft Woods and Lendhead Central
  • September 15, new train between Frondhead and Dinsoft Woods
  • November 5, new train between Overingway and Lendhead Central
  • November 21 we sold an old road vehicle, bus 21: We will not replace it.
  • December 25, new coal train from Overingway Mines to Lendhead Woods

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