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Episode 8 : 2020..2029 - Maglev Trains

Financial report of 2021


Last year we replaced 6 monorail trains by the new Maglev models. We have still 71 more trains to do and to change all the rails.
It's good that we have a good income now, more then 70 million dollars.

Hard work

Replacing the old Monorail by the new Maglev is a lot of work; first the old stations and rails has to be removed and then the build the new ones. Also a station has to be replaced as one part, half Monorail and half Maglev is impossible. Sometimes in a village with a station, the rating can be so bad that it is not allowed to build a new station. Then you have to wait a few years till they find you again a good company.


  • June 5 two new trains for wheat and live stock from Frondhead Woods to Tindhall Woods.
  • September 6 new train between Tindhall and Carfingley
  • November 2 new food train from Tindhall Woods to Carfingley
  • December 19 new train between Tindhall and Tronbridge

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