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Episode 8 : 2020..2029 - Maglev Trains

Financial overview 2020


Not so many special things in 2020. The new company stopped already its activities. Several other companies in trouble. We did get a subsidy and we had once more an UFO. We replaced some old trains. Now we go to wait for some new inventions.

First MagLev locomotive - Leviathan

The Leviathan

March 1. The special day is there. We got a message about a new rail system: MAGLEV.
The speed of the new locomotive is 402 km/h. But it cannot run on the existing monorails, we have replaced all rails by the new Maglev rails.

Our new Maglev construction box.

Our new Maglev construction box.

Farm with a very high production

Maglev start

We will start with the wheat and live stock transport from Frondhead Farm and from Dinfingway Farm to Slarfingfield Food Processing Plant. Both farms have a very high production and only half of the products are transported.
Even the Food Processing Plant has such a high production that only 60% of the food is transported. Here is some good work to do.

Our first Maglev Trainpassenger train between Senfingley and Slunningpool

Our Work

  • June 16 the first two Maglev trains are running.
  • August 25 we have also a new passenger train between Senfingley Woods and Slunningpool
  • October 4 passenger and food train from Slarfingfield Woods and Senfingley
  • December 16 passenger train between Senfingley and Slunningpool
  • December 31 new food train between Slarfingfield Woods and Senfingley

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