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Episode 7 : 2010..2019 - Consolidation 3

Financial report 2018


On all our major railroad stations the transport ratings are: very good or excellent.
This is what we want to see.
The exceptions are two very large farms, Dinfingway Farm and Frondhead Farm.
They produce so much, that only 50% is transported.

Subsidy offer


In February were looking around to find a place for a new service while we got an offer for a subsidy. On April 17 the train is running. It is a small farm and a short distance, so we use an X2001 with two Grain Hoppers and two Live-Stock Vans. April 20 we got the subsidy.

Old monorail train

Again Old Trains

July 15 we received a message about train 26; it is getting old. It goes to happen. The first monorail trains are from 2000. The normal lifetime is 20 years. So from now on, they need all to be replaced.

We are the champion

Leading Transport Company

WWW Transport is now the leading transport company in this world. There is some competition, but they don't have any transport. Even Gordon & Co sold sometime ago its last Armored Truck and has no activities anymore. The oldest competitor, Tatfield Transport is close to a bankrupt.

Company status

76 Trains

WWW Transport does it now very well. We have 76 trains, 10 road vehicles and one aircraft. Our best trains makes one to one and a half million dollar yearly. Even our private helicopter makes some money.

The company value is a terrible high and we are absolute not afraid for the future.

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