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Episode 7 : 2010..2019 - Consolidation 3

Financial report 2016


Our business is going very well. There is only one competitor left, Gordon & Co, They have only three gold trucks and they lose about $ 40,000 yearly.
We do it much better and we will continue with improvement of the existing services, and, if possible start with new ones.

New Transport Company Launched

New transport Company Betown Gold Mine left:
Betown Gold Mine

January 9, a new company is announced. They start with a monorail station near Betown Gold Mine.

Subsidy offer Two armored trucksleft:
Two Armored Trucks

April 9 we got the subsidy. This time not with a train, but with two Armored Trucks.

Missing locomotive

Not enough Money

The new company, Flondston Transport is ready with its railroad. There are already five Armored vans for the gold transport. They have only 1.3 million dollar left. This is not enough to buy a new locomotive. They will never run any transport service.

More things we did

  • May 7, we added a few mail vans to the train from Carfingley South to Brubourne. There were over 500 mailbags waiting in Carfingley.
  • In December we finished the gold transport from Betown Gold Mine to Flondston Bank. This is the same transport as Flondston transport tried to do - we have money to get it running.

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