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Episode 7 : 2010..2019 - Consolidation 3

Financial report 2015


Compared to the previous years, our expenditure on new vehicles is a bit higher. We replaced several X2001 locomotives by the Z1. This year we will try to improve existing lines.
We start with passengers service between Ledinghattan and Sentwood.

Our holliday village railroad station


February 10, a bad passengers service was found in Ledinghattan. Therefore we put an extra train in service between Ledinghattan and Sentwood. The same railroad as for the food train can be used.
A part of it has to be made double track and the two stations has to be changed to three-platform stations.

Road vehicle crash

Truck Crash

February 14, It does not go very well with our competitor. They don't make any money and now one of their gold trucks crashed with a train.
September 9, the next truck crashed.

Old and new rails

Old Railroads

On several places there were still some old railroads. They were all removed and in some cases, replaced by the monorails. This was all done. In November we made a double platform station in Betown. There are a few hundred passengers waiting, so it would be good to prepare it for another train.

Betown railroad Station

Betown Railroad Station

December 28, the new train is in operation and arrives for the first time in Betown. It is immediately fully loaded. The railroad goes to Fledingville. There was already a three-platform station.
January 8 the train arrives in Fledingville. Its earnings are just a bit over $100,000

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