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Episode 7 : 2010..2019 - Consolidation 3

Financial report 2014


The year started good, both trains to Carfingley South earned at the end of March each about a half million dollar.

This year we will also start to replace the first X2001 monorail locomotives by the new Z1 model.

Cars of the competition

Tatfield Station

We did some reconstruction near Tatfield Station. The tunnel to Ronwood was closed and a new one was built lower through the mountain. Now the train runs a bit faster.
Also a new company started. They try to get a subsidy for gold transport from Kendhattan Gold Mines to the Bank in Gadtown.

Competition earnings

Gordon & Co

On September 16 the new company, Gordon & Co got the subsidy.
However it is a very long distance and the drivers in the trucks are not always so very clever; sometimes they go completely in the wrong direction and then they are lost forever...

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