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Episode 7 : 2010..2019 - Consolidation 3

Financial report 2011


What shall we do this year? No more trains to replace. No subsidies offered. The best we can do is to look around to see where improvements can be made. Also we must watch the competition. When they have an interesting service, we should take them over.

World Recession

World Recession

March 15, a World Recession. All production will go low, less passenger transport. It will cost us a lot of money, but in a few months it can be over.

Full with passengers Companies merged

Company Take Over

We bought Carfingley Transport. The company was very cheap, but we found later that they had a loan of two million dollars. They owned two buses and two Bus Station in Carfingley.

We go to close the bus station near our rail station on we will build a new rail station at the other bus station.

The new station

Carfingley South

In September the new station, Carfingley South, is ready and the train is running. This train goes to Brubourne. There we made a new, two-platform station. There are still a few thousand passengers waiting on Carfingley South Station.

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