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Episode 7 : 2010..2019 - Consolidation 3


The year 2010 we spent 25 million dollar for new trains. Income is now almost 40 million dollar, even our Bank Balance goes in that direction.
There are no more trains to be replaced, we can look around and watch the messages.

Very low production Farm closure

March 15, Hunningwell Farm closes. It was a farm with a very low production and too far away from a factory.

Landed UFO

Again an UFO

On May 5 there is again an UFO landed near Tenington. This is already the third one there. It seems to a very popular place.
It's also a good moment to look to the transport rating, 70%, very good.

Bad transport ratings

Frondhead Farm

The wheat and livestock transport from the Frondhead Farm is not so good. The production is very high and there are only two trains. To improve the transport we put on June 5 two more trains in operation. One for Live-Stock and one for Wheat. To avoid loading problems the station was enlarged to four platforms.

1950..2050: Year by Year

This page shows all Game Years one by one. From 1950, to the last one: 2050.

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