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Episode 7 : 2010..2019 - Consolidation 3

Dinsoft in 2010


Our Head Quarter village has almost 1000 inhabitants. The ten coming years we have to focus on our consolidation.
We should try to get as many subsidies as possible. We have also to clean up some old railroads and to look around in our world to check if all goes well.

758 tons of food waiting

New Food Train

The first thing we did this year was a new food train from Tendtown Woods to New Pinhead. The rails were already constructed. It looks that we just forget to put a new train in operation. There is a lot of food waiting and the transfer rating is very low.
February 15, the train is in operation.

We got the subsidy

Old Railroads

All stations are replaced. But there are still a few old railroads between new stations; we will replace them if we can get a subsidy.
April 8, we made new service between Condinghall and Paninghall. A few days later we got the subsidy for it.

Our old  museum train

The last Old Train

There is still one old train running. The reliability is only 31%. The rails are already relocated to drive this train each trip through its depot. It does not help anymore. It is continuously broken down. We have to replace it.
May 29, the new Millennium Z1 replaces our "museum train"

train 64 full loaded with coal

Long Distance Transport

In the mountains, near Hunningwell is a coal mine. The distance to a power station is very long, so we decided to use another coal mine as transfer station. This is Gefingway Woods. There the new train is unloaded and the coal is transported by another train to Fennville Power Station. The new train will not earn any money, but the other one will increase its earnings.

Kendhattan Transport bankrupt Almost bankrupt

Life in this world is not so easy. Again a company bankrupt. October 4. Another one, not yet bankrupt but it will not take a long time before it happens.

Monorail trains

More Z1's

In November from all the passenger trains to and from Dinsoft the locomotives are replaced. Instead of the X2001 they have now all the Z1. This will give an improvement of the transport rating on the stations.

Tindhall Railroad Station

Tronbridge to Tinston

In December we changed again some trains. now the line from Tronbridge to Tinston is back in operation. Also the train from Tindhall to Bufinghill. Some years ago we changed this to get a subsidy. Now it is put back as it was before. There are too many passengers waiting on Tindhall (811) and on Tronbridge (321)

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