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Episode 6 : 2000..2009 - Monorails

Financial overview 2008


Almost all old trains are now replaced. There are three old trains left. Maybe we keep one for our company museum.
However, earnings are still very good, so we will continue to do our work.

  • February 16, new train between Sentwood and Grenhattan Springs
  • April 6, new train between Flondston and Fennville
        Flondston was still too smal to receive mail so we did a "Found new buildings"
New Superbus


We are continuously receiving a lot of messages. Now one with a new "Superbus" The problem with these messages is, that, if we don't read them we may miss some important information.
But, when we read them and look to the details, we may forget what we are doing at that moment and start with something else.

Flondston now accepts mail

Flondston accepts Mail

It works, April 26, we got the "Flondston accepts mail" message. Very good, on Fennville station there are more then 600 mail bags waiting.

We got the subsidy


  • June 20, new coal train from Gefingway Woods to Fennville West
  • August 6, new train between Brubourne Central and Condinghall

Sometimes there comes a suitable offer for a subsidy, like this one from Condinghall to Pennville. The rails were already there, but still the old type. This was replaced by monorail, another new train; and we got on September 15 the subsidy.

New station with old bridge

Old Rails

There are still some old rails connected to new stations. like in Fledingville. Some years ago this line went to Tatfield. Now there is also a gold mine in Fledingville, so we go to re-route this line Nardinghattan Bridge. October 18, the new train left Fledingville. It has passengers cars, a mail van and an Armored Van for gold transport.

Mountain city

December 2 a new train from Hunningwell to Sentwood. Hunningwell is a village in the mountains, just below the eternal snow.

WWW Transport Information

WWW Transport

WWW Transport has now 61 trains and 8 road vehicles. Our Operating Profit Chart looks very good. The company value is also very good.

We are Chairma  In the Company League Table we are on the top as "Chairman" The one below us is "Traffic manager". The rest is only "Engineer"

Operating Profit Graph

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