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Episode 6 : 2000..2009 - Monorails

Financial overview 2006


We have now 59 trains and about 20 of them are still of the old types.
It seems that we need a few more years to replace all the old trains by the new monorail system.
Well, we have now money enough, let's continue.

Damaged rails, UFO?

Looking around

Where are the rails? At the start of a new year is always a good time to look around on the map, to see if everything goes well. We found a terrible problem. The rails at Tenington Woods were damaged. It is possible caused by the destroying of an UFO. When we are busy with construction and replacing trains, there is not always enough time to follow all the news. We have to repair this immediate. Last year this train made almost a half million dollar, if we don't repair, it will be negative.

New station, old rails


  • February 14, new train from Betown to Lunton
  • April 23, new train from Tennpool to New Pindhead

New Pindhead has connections with two other stations. Now we have to replace these also.

  • June 19, new train from Gefingway to Tendtown
  • August 21, new train from Gefingway to Hunningwell
  • October 23, new train from Gefingway to New Pindhead
  • December 6, new train from Kendhattan, via Barninghall to Runwood
    this one replaces two old trains

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