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Episode 6 : 2000..2009 - Monorails

Financial overview 2003


Our earnings are still rising. Almost 2 million more then the year before.
We spent more then 10 million dollars on construction and new trains. This will remain our highest expense in the future.

Tenington Woods

This train earns money
New tenington Woods station

January 20, Tenington Woods has a new Monorail station. Now we can be sure that the transport rating will increase from 50% to maybe 90%. We can also save money by running only one train.
March 18 the first monorail train is loading wood.
April 3 it arrives at the Paper Mill.

New Paper Train

June 16 the new paper train is running. Now we have only to connect the printing factor with the railroad station in Dinsoft. September 5 the goods train arrived at Dinsoft station. We replaced already a lot of trains, but there are still many more trains to be replaced.

Ledinghattan now accepts Food and Goods


September 23 Ledinghattan accepts Food and Goods. Now our food train can make some money there and the village can grow a bit.

Very old train, reliabillity zero percent

26 years old Trains

Now we have really to replace some of the very old trains. For example train 16, from Tatfield Central to Nardinghattan Bridge is already 26 years old. The reliability is 0 (zero).
It cannot run anymore. On Tatfield Central are several hundreds of passengers waiting...

End of December, just before Christmas, Tatfield has its first monorail connection. It is from Tatfield Central to Nardinghattan Bridge. The other connection to Tatfield Central will be done next year.

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